‘My motto is not just working cheaper, but better. Far better. 
By solving problems in design, supply chain and production.’


Solfit Graphics is a consultative seller of sophisticated outsourcing for the packaging industry. In essence, our mission is ‘to solve it’ – whatever your particular purchasing or packaging problem may be. Leo Klein, director of Solfit Graphics, does not aim simply to lower his clients’ purchasing costs by sending orders abroad. His mission is to enhance the entire purchasing chain – working backwards from the final product to enhance design, logistics and purchasing — so that even greater overall savings can be achieved. ‘Finding a cheaper manufacturer of packaging materials is fine up to point. But what I really do for clients is ensure that their move towards outsourcing enhances the entire production operation. That’s where I can really contribute to lasting, significant savings on the purchasing side.

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Who we are

Leo Klein is a veteran of the printing and packaging industry. His expertise is packaging solutions, …


We aim to offer a wide variety of printing and packaging outsourcing, at competitive prices that allow clients  …

Case Studies

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‘Outsourcing is not new. What is clearly changing, however, is that companies are increasingly outsourcing the process of deciding where to find the best partner overseas.’
Solfit Graphics