Case studies

Major manufacturer of kitchen accessories

The company’s existing line of packaging was traditionally produced in the Netherlands. Solfit Graphics offered advice on improvements and new additions to the range and then found the right production partner in China. Later, at the recommendation of Solfit Graphics, production was moved to Turkey, to take advantage of reduced lead times and shortened supply routes in keeping with the highly variable interplay of demand for these items.

Specialized manufacturer of cutting tools

The company needed cost-effective cardboard protective packaging for diamond-encrusted saws. After a thorough analysis of the specifications and after recommendations for technical improvement, Solfit Graphics found the right manufacturing plant in Macedonia and oversaw the technical transfer of the production process.

Up-and-coming Dutch fashion retailer

The company’s marketing department wished to draw children into the store by offering them free show-boxes which could be assembled at home. Solfit Graphics came up with a low-cost but attractive item. Various mock-ups of the design were first produced in Turkeyand the final specifications were then determined in consultation with the client. End-production was eventually outsourced to Turkey

World-famous toiletries manufacturer

This European manufacturer of toiletries and creams approached Solfit Graphics about a Valentine’s Day promotion containing three samplers (shower gel, shaving cream, facial moisturizer). Solfit Graphics came up with a transparent plastic box and lined up a Chinese manufacturer able to produce the packaging to the company’s exacting standards.

Pet food supplier

Solfit Graphics approached a pet food supplier about the cost advantage of producing laminated foil for bags of pet food in either Turkey or China. After a tendering process in both countries, foil was produced in China and then shipped back in the form of rolls to the company’s European factories, at a fraction of cost of manufacturing the foil in Europe.

Dutch greeting card company

The company, facing dwindling Christmas card sales, wanted and needed a low-cost yet attractive box for displaying a set of cards.  A Solfit Graphics design was made in China and tested in the Netherlands, prior to moving end-production to China. At a later stage, production of the Christmas cards themselves was transferred to China under supervision and guidance of Solfit Graphics and its foreign partners.

*For reasons of confidentiality, the names of companies cannot be disclosed