We aim to offer a wide variety of printing and packaging outsourcing, at competitive prices that allow clients to create value and become even more successful in their core business. To achieve this, we work with only the best preferred suppliers in overseas markets.


Outsourcing is not new. What is clearly changing, however, is that companies are increasingly outsourcing the process of deciding where to find the best partner overseas.

Solfit Graphics is a new  type of company that acts as a gateway for companies wishing to outsource production of printing and packaging. Rather than simply placing orders overseas, Solfit Graphics is equipped to offer advice on the best outsourcing route and to analyze which partner will be most beneficial.

Leo Klein of Solfit Graphics firmly believes that outsourcing is not a decision that can be taken merely on paper. Tenders and ‘requests for information’ do not always form the most reliable basis for transferring production to other parts of the world. Instead, Klein relies on  close consultations with clients and thorough knowledge of foreign partners to find the right ‘fit’  between client and production facility. ‘I have visited every production plant overseas that I do business with. Outsourcing is, in the end, a very people-based, hands-on  business.’

Solfit Graphics distinguishes itself from other outsourcing intermediaries because of:

Leo Klein’s 30 years of experience in the international packaging industry
his ability to analyze and offer detailed advice to clients faced with a packaging problem
his international experience and knowledge of potential pitfalls posed by cultural and language difficulties.